UK American Institute of Chemical Engineers

AICHE Mentoring Program

AICHE Mentoring Program


The AIChE chapter at the University of Kentucky wants to provide underclassmen access to upperclassmen who have experience in co-ops, internships, research, upper-level coursework, and other university programs. Through this, mentors and mentees will strengthen the UK chemical engineering community and forge strong bonds for the future. 



Mentors and mentees should be mindful of each other’s commitments and schedules.


  • Engage and meet with mentee at least once per month
  • Field questions from mentee about professional topics and academic planning
  • Refer mentee to on-campus resources, such as tutoring and career services


  • Communicate goals and expectations to mentor regarding the
  • mentor/mentee relationship
  • Communicate with mentor to facilitate the planning of meetings
  • Arrive at meetings with planned questions and/or discussion topics



  • A form will be provided to mentors and mentees to collect pairing information.
  • Priority will be given to special requests and preferences.
  • Should a person have no special requests, the aim will be to pair mentees with a mentor four semesters ahead of them in the curriculum.



  • Undergraduate Research
  • Clubs and Extracurricular Activities
  • Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Engineering Electives
  • Co-ops and Internships
  • Engagement with Industry
  • Career Paths
  • Class Expectations



  • Mentor/mentee relationships will be based on trust and respect, and interactions are to be professional in character. Everything shared in the relationship should be treated with discretion; however, for students in distress, it is understood that either member may seek out assistance through University resources, or by alerting one of the faculty contacts listed below.